New features in Google Research

Simon Lesser October 7, 2019

New features in Google Research

We get it. There’s so much in our massive October update, we understand it’s possible you may not hear about everything launching today. But if there’s just one area that you read about, we hope it’s about our new updates to Google Research. Let’s dive in.

Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword Gap Analysis

“Which keywords do my competitors rank for that I don’t?" is one of the most frequent questions SEOs ask when doing competitor analysis. Today, we’re launching Keyword Gap Analysis, which delivers exactly this data you’ve been looking for.

Simply type in two domains and you can see which keywords the first ranks for that the second does not. But that’s not all — you can also see a Keywords in Common report which shoes all the keywords both domains rank for, and see a head-to-head comparison.

There’s so much here, we’ve given this feature its own post. Check it out for more details.

Instant Competitor Discovery

Organic competitors

While we’re on the subject of competitor analysis, let’s talk about how to uncover organic competitors.

Now of course most brands know who their market competitors are. But any seasoned SEO understands that the competitors for organic search may be drastically different than your competitors in the market. Many may not even provide the same goods and services as your brand. However, any site ranking above yours is taking clicks that you want to go to your site. In this way, all of these sites are your organic competitors.

This feature has always been available for Campaigns but starting today you can instantly see the top 50 competitor domains for any site you enter into Research.

Why stop at just this list? Click on each of the competitors for a full analysis of each of these sites.

Sorting and Filtering

Sorting and filtering in Google Research

Many of the reports in Google Research unearth millions or even tens of millions of keywords. While it’s incredible to see this depth of data in the platform, without tools to segment and manipulate such a large set of keywords, it can be tougher to pull out deeper insights.

Today, we’re adding these tools for you. Now you can add up to 6 advanced custom filters at once to keyword reports. You can even apply a custom sort to each table column as well to get exactly the data you need.

Exported keyword lists just got way more useful!

SERP Features

SERP features in Google Research

Not all SERPs are created equally. Ranking #4 on a SERP with only 3 blue links above you will receive a much higher CTR than a SERP with a Featured Snippet, Sitelink and People Also Ask box above you and a Knowledge Panel in the right column. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s showing up on the SERP?

While we’ve always offered this feature in Campaigns, today it comes to Research as well. Now you can truly understand the SERP environment immediately and without having to look at the SERP itself.