Keyword Research

Understand which topics your audience is searching for, research content marketing ideas, and get related keywords on Google, Bing and Baidu.

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Find the perfect keyword

Uncover the keywords and topics your audience is searching for. Then quickly add them to your campaigns to immediately start monitoring performance of rankings, competitors, and onsite optimization.

Related keywords search volumes from Google, Bing and Baidu

Simply type in a keyword and hit submit to get hundreds of related keyword suggestions, complete with search volume and competition data.

Steal competitor keywords

See which keywords your competitors are ranking for. Browse through their targeted keyword lists and steal their ideas.

Research topics and ideas

Looking for topic ideas for content marketing? Run a content analysis to see the type of content that performs the best for your audience.

Understand organic opportunity and difficulty

See which sites are ranking for a keyword and the relative strength of each domain. Organic difficulty score quickly illuminates your chances of ranking for a targeted keyword.

Find your long tail

Dig up thousands of keywords with lower search volume that can collectively drive massive amounts of traffic to your site.

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