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The Ultimate Baidu SEO Tool

Crush competition with instant access to rankings for millions of keywords and domains. If you do SEO in China, this is the tool you’ve been waiting for.

See Which Keywords Any Site Ranks For

Just type in the site’s domain to see the total number of keywords the site ranks for along with the amount of traffic each keyword drives, organic keyword difficulty, and much more.

In-Depth Competitor Analysis

Instantly see which domains your site competes with for rankings and traffic. Then do a quick search on each of your competitors to see their ranking keywords, competing sites, backlinks, and more.

Complete Backlink Profile

See how many backlinks a site has, which backlinks are their most valuable, the top landing pages on the site, top anchor texts used to link to the site, and more. Browse a complete list of sites’ backlinks and spy on competitor strategies.

Baidu Keyword Difficulty

Type in a keyword for instant analysis of how difficult it will be to rank organically on page 1 for this keyword. Powered by our proprietary algorithm and massive database, we’ll help guide you on which keywords are worth the effort.

No Chinese, No Problem

For the first time, Dragon Metrics puts Baidu SEO in the hands of non-Chinese international marketers. All Chinese keywords have an English translation available right inside the software. Now you can understand how your site performs on Baidu and conduct competitor analysis without any Chinese knowledge at all!

Keyword Research

See keyword suggestions straight from Baidu, along with the organic keyword difficulty, organic ranking with the strength of each ranking domain on the SERP, search volume, and many more valuable metrics.

Total Site Analysis

See which parts of a site are working, and which ones aren’t. Get an in-depth view on which URLs, subdomains, or directories are getting the most organic traffic and keyword rankings on each site.

Keep an Eye Who’s On Top

See which sites are getting the highest rankings and most organic traffic on Baidu. Then get an in-depth analysis on their SEO strategy instantly with a single click.

Discover Top Keyword Opportunities

Browse our updated list of the hottest keywords on Baidu to take advantage of massive organic traffic opportunities.

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