Competitive Analysis

Dominate the competition with the ultimate SEO competitive analysis tool

  • Automatically discover highest-ranking competitors
  • Compare performance head-to-head with competitors
  • Spy on competitor backlinks, keywords, and content

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Steal competitor keywords

Instantly see all the keywords any site ranks for on Google.

Reveal opportunities with Keyword Gap

Enter up to 6 sites to compare performance and reveal keywords that your competitors are ranking for but your site is not.

Automatically discover highest-ranking competitors

Who are your biggest competitors? Dragon Metrics automatically finds them for you. No more guesswork.

Focus on tracked competitors

Keep a close eye on the competitor sites you care most about with daily tracking and compare how you stack up.

See the actual SERP collected

Pull up the SERP for any keyword for a close look at competition at the most detailed level.

Compare historic SERPs

Spot up-and-coming new competitor URLs on an individual keyword basis.

Just choose any two dates and get a comparison between the ranking positions on the SERP.

Competitor trends

Follow competition performance trends at any level of detail — a single keyword, a specific set of tracked keywords, all tracked keywords, or all keywords.

Compare backlink profiles

Add up to 6 competitor sites to compare important backlink profile metrics. Visualize trends over time to keep an eye out for competitors on the move.

Find the perfect link building opportunities with Link Gap

Take link building efforts to the next level with Link Gap analysis.

Simply enter up to 6 sites to see domains or URLs that link to one or more of your competitors that don't already link to you — the resulting list is the perfect set of backlink outreach opportunities!

Compare SERP feature rankings to competitors

See who is ranking in coveted rich result positions like Featured Snippets or local map packs, and compare performance to competitors.

Track SERP feature trends

Spot any changes in number of SERP features being shown, and keep an eye on your competitor's appearances in each rich result type.

Find local competitors

The top 50 sites in each tracked location are automatically uncovered for you to ensure you stay up on local competition.

Competitor Discovery by segment

Competitors may vary drastically between each keyword segment. We'll find the top 50 sites for each segment in each location automatically for you.
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