Competitive Analysis

Dominate the competition with the ultimate SEO competitive analysis tool

  • Automatically discover highest-ranking competitors
  • Compare performance head-to-head with competitors
  • Spy on competitor backlinks, keywords, and content

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Automatically discover highest-ranking competitors

Who are your biggest competitors for each specific group of keywords? Dragon Metrics automatically finds them for you. No more guesswork.

Get the overall picture

See how your site’s rankings stack up against competitors over time. Compare for a specific set of keywords, search engines, location, or any custom segment you set up.

See individual keyword competition

See detailed SERP comparisons over time for each keyword to see where specific threats lie.

Spy on competitor backlinks

Why are competitors ranking above your site? Comb through competitors’ backlinks to find out which ones are giving them that extra boost and look for backlink opportunities for your own site.

Competitor content insights

Keep an eye on competitor content to see when they’re adding new content, and compare to see why they outrank you.

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