Every agency is different, and every client is different. Our incredibly powerful, beautiful, and easy-to-use white labeled reports make sure you get the exactly the data you want, exactly how you want to see it – quickly and easily.

Automate your reporting to reduce busywork and spend your time getting results for your clients.

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Powerful, Beautiful, and Easy-to-use reports

Get the data you want, exactly the way you want it. Choose from over 50+ data modules, drag them into place, and customize every detail and option until it’s perfect and unique just for you.

Highly customizable

Add filters, change sort order, hide/show columns, callouts, or charts, update date range... there's almost nothing that can't be configured to your exact needs.


Reports are available at a white-labeled domain with your own logo and branding and no trace of the Dragon Metrics' name. Clients and management will think it's your very own online reporting suite!

Interactive HTML reports

Reports appear as interactive HTML with easy navigation, tooltips, and links to past reports. You'll never want to go back to PDFs, Word, or PowerPoint reports!

Add comments, analysis, or integrate with external data sources

Make each report your own by adding your own comments and analysis alongside the automatically generated reports.

Our rich content content module lets you add text, links, images, tables, or even copy and paste from Microsoft Word / Excel and formatting will be retained.

Your own online reporting portal

Reports are available at a white-labeled domain with at a randomized URL available to anyone with the link. Passwords can be added to create an extra layer of security to your reports.

Automate the reporting process

Set it up once and forget about it. Our flexible templating system makes it incredibly quick and easy to create customized reports for multiple sites at once. After a 1-5 minute setup, automated reports for all of your sites will show up in your inbox monthly, weekly, or the schedule of your choice.

Responsive and Mobile-Ready

Like the entire platform, HTML reports are responsive so they’ll look great on all device sizes. View reports on-the-go — no more pinching and zooming!

Easy PDF Exports

Prefer reports as PDFs? Feel like killing some trees? Easily download or print a copy of the report with the same beautiful design as a PDF.

Receive custom, proactive alerts

No more finding out days or weeks after the fact. Set up alerts with custom criteria you define, and receive a notice as soon as it happens. Rankings drop? Traffic increase? You’ll be on top of it with Dragon Metrics' alerts.

Simple data exports

It’s your data. Shouldn’t you be able to do what you’d like with it? We make it easy, with all data easily exportable with a single click.

Powerful developer API

Easily pull out data via our API to bring into internal dashboards, Power BI, Tableau or other big data tools for even further customization and data crunching.

Google Data Studio Connectors

Import your Dragon Metrics data directly into Google Data Studio with prebuilt connectors.

Be a reporting hero

Make your clients and management happy with insightful, simple, data-packed reports powered by Dragon Metrics.
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