Local Rank Tracking

Track rankings in over 100,000 cities, neighborhoods, and postal codes. Perfect for local agencies, chain stores, and small businesses.

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Track performance down to the city, neighborhood, or postal code

See keyword rankings from any location in the world on desktop or mobile devices.

Over 100,000 geolocations supported

Complete global and local coverage means total visibility into your performance worldwide. Need to see how your rankings look on the Upper East Side in New York City, Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, or at Heathrow Airport in London? Yep, we can do that.

Compare location performance

View multiple locations side-by-side for easy comparison and detailed analysis.

Automatically discover competitors in each location

Each location and group of keywords will likely have different competitors. Dragon Metrics will automatically discover who they are and track them in detail.

Perfect for local agencies, small businesses, and chains

Whether you need to monitor a single location or thousands of locations all over the world, we've got you covered.
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Mobile Rank Tracking
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