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Enterprise-grade global rank tracking for SEOs at any level

  • Incredibly detailed and flexible reports
  • Compare to competitors
  • 30+ SERP features tracked
  • Combine with Google Search Console for additional insights

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View ranking data from every possible angle

Whether you're looking for a top-level summary of the entire campaign, a deep-dive into an individual SERP, or anything else in-between, over 12 incredibly detailed and flexible ranking reports are available to provide you exactly the data you need.

Tracked and untracked keywords

Monitor keyword rankings with daily updates or dive into our research database of hundreds of millions of keyword rankings to instantly see all keywords any site is ranking for.

Global or local, we've got you covered

Track rankings on 11 search engines in 230+ countries and languages, on desktop and mobile devices, in 100,000 locations at the city, postal code, or neighborhood level.

Your campaign's performance at a glance

Quickly view your high-level SEO performance. See the overall visibility of all keywords, compare to historic trends and competitors, all within seconds.

Monitor individual keyword performance

Get down to the individual keyword level to visualize trends, compare to competitors, identify opportunities for SERP features, and measure landing page performance.

30+ SERP features monitored

In-depth insights for over 30 types of rich results such as Featured Snippets, People Also Ask boxes, local map packs, news results, and many more.

Compare SERP feature appearances to competitors, visualize trends, and identify opportunities to steal competitor spots.

Hyper-local rank tracking down to the neighborhood level

Track local search as if you were standing almost anywhere in the world with ~100,000 locations at the city, postal code, or neighborhood level.

Easily compare performance of multiple locations at once, automatically discover local competitors, and compare landing pages, SERP features, and more across each locale.

Mobile rankings

Track rankings on both desktop and mobile devices, and compare performance head-to-head to identify opportunities and issues.

Easily compare landing pages and SERP features between devices, and find the top ranking sites separately on each device.

Segment your ranking data

Incredibly powerful tagging and filtering tools allow you to easily segment data and visualize performance in any way imaginable.

Automatically discover highest-ranking competitors

Who are your biggest competitors for each specific group of keywords? Dragon Metrics automatically finds them for you. No more guesswork.

Local competitors in each tracked market are uncovered separately, helping you stay on top of new players in each location.

Compare to competitors

Spy on competitor rankings in detail, see how you stack up overall or for a specific group of keywords, or see who’s ranking for each individual keyword. Identify competitor appearances in SERP features and opportunities to knock them out.

See the actual SERP collected

For the ultimate level of detail, pull up the actual SERP collected to understand exactly what searchers for your targeted keywords are seeing.

Compare historic SERPs

Spot up-and-coming new competitor URLs on an individual keyword basis. Just choose any two dates and get a comparison between the ranking positions on the SERP.

Get an x-ray of any ranking URL in a single click

Any time you need more information about a ranking URL, just click on it to see all the data Dragon Metrics has about this page — tracked and untracked ranking keywords, onpage content, technical and keyword optimization issues, internal links, backlinks, images, Google Analytics traffic, Google Search Console ranking keywords, and much more.

Google Search Console Integration

Quickly see which keywords are driving clicks and impressions to your site.

Go beyond the 1,000 keyword limitation of the Google Search Console's online report and get daily rankings for up to 50,000 keywords per site (doesn't count towards keyword limits).

Easily start tracking keywords or add them to a list for further analysis with just a couple of clicks.

Powerful filtering options

Filter by any field to drill down to exactly the keywords you're interested in, then save as a dynamic tag to easily compare this segment to any other or quickly run the same query again later.

Keyword insights directly from the SERP

Content from Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, and other rich results are automatically extracted from the SERP and organized into actionable reports.

Use as content ideas and monitor opportunities to knock competitors out of top spots.

Analyze ranking performance on page-by-page level

With keywords data for each landing pages along side with volume and traffic data, you can easily access pages’ value and claim back your “not provided” keywords.

Uncover keyword cannibalization issues

Quickly uncover SERPs where multiple URLs on your site are fighting over the same keywords, and leverage tools in the platform to help focus efforts towards the page with the most opportunity.

Landing page optimization

Choose optimal landing pages for each keyword to easily monitor performance and make sure the right URL is ranking for the right keyword.

Forecast SEO ROI

Easily discover the potential organic value of targeted keywords. Demonstrate ROI effects of small SEO improvements. The perfect companion for client pitches or budget meetings.

Get custom, proactive alerts

Instead of actively checking ranking data, why not let Dragon Metrics do the work for you? Create custom alerts with criteria you set. Whenever they’re triggered, you’ll receive an email alert.
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