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Harness Dragon Metrics' API to unlock your data’s full potential. Easily import data into internal dashboards, Power BI, Tableau, or other big data tools.

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Easily import data to Power BI, Tableau, or internal dashboards

Dragon Metrics' online reports are incredibly powerful and customizable, but it's easy to pull out the data you need to bring it into internal dashboards, Power BI, Tableau or other big data tools for even further customization and data crunching. Our API makes it easy.

Easy and Intuitive implementation

Our effective design and interactive documentation let you start making calls and retrieve data programmatically from our API in no time. Just fill in the forms and we'll even write the API code for you.

Extensive documentation

The API is carefully documented and kept up-to-date. Our technical team is on hand and easy-to-reach as well to answer any questions or provide code samples.

Available at almost all account levels

We open our API access to almost all account levels, so you don’t need to have our most expensive package to use them.
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