ROI Forecasting

Quickly understand the potential value of your targeted keywords and demonstrate the ROI effect of small SEO improvements.

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Forecast traffic, conversions, and revenue

Simply add targeted keywords for a website, and we'll grab the rankings, search volumes, and use them to estimate traffic, conversions, and revenue. From there, quickly run scenarios to show the effect on revenue even small SEO efforts will have.

Demonstrate ROI effects of small SEO improvements

How would increasing your organic keyword rankings by 10% affect your bottom line? What if all keywords moved to page 1? What if they just moved up by 3 positions each? Quickly run multiple scenarios to forecast ROI and justify investment.

Understand the potential value of targeted keywords

Top positions for high search volume keywords can yield huge revenue, but demonstrating this potential value can be complicated. ROI forecasting tools makes it easy to see the potential your targeted keywords have to offer.

Completely configurable

You're in control of all assumptions. Allow Dragon Metrics to predict based on recommendations, or enter your own assumptions based on your real data.

Your go-to partner for client pitches or budget meetings

Our forecasting tools make winning client pitches or budget increases easy, with information displayed in a simple, easy-to-understand presentation. No more unqualified predictions, no more complicated models in Excel.
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