Google Search Console

Connect Google Search Console ranking data with Dragon Metrics to release the full potential of your organic search.
  • Up to 50,000 daily keyword rankings per site
  • Unlimited data history
  • Easily import keywords into Dragon Metrics for deeper analysis

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Google Search Console Rankings

See which keywords you’re already gaining impressions and clicks from, displayed along with the average ranking position and Click-through-rate.

Up to 50,000 keywords daily

Free yourself from the 1,000 keyword limit available in Google Search Console. We’ll pull up to 50,000 daily keyword rankings per site at no additional cost.

Unlimited data history

You’re no longer limited to the most recent 90 days – Google Search Console data is archived daily in Dragon Metrics for an unlimited data history of your rankings.

Easily import ranking keywords

Import keywords from Google Search Console into Dragon Metrics campaigns with a single click – no more having to dig up keywords lists. Import all keywords, only the top ones, or pick and choose the ones you want.

Compare side-by-side to other data sources

Compare the Google Search Console average ranking to Dragon Metrics’ collected ranking for multiple perspectives on your ranking data.

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