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Uncover the keywords your audience is searching for

See how your audience is searching for your products and services, and use it as a guide for content creation.

Reveal opportunities with Keyword Gap

Steal competitor ideas by seeing which keywords your competitors are ranking for but your site is not.

Discover questions your customers are asking

Generating content ideas is a breeze when armed with a list of questions your target audience wants to know.

Find the right SERP feature opportunities

See which types of SERP features are showing up for your targeted keywords and use it as a guide to optimize for the type of content your users are looking for.

Video results dominating the SERP for a keyword? Produce a video to rank in the top spots. Featured snippets ranking above your site? Write a better answer to the searcher's question and take the top position.

Measure performance of your content

After your content has been written, monitor its performance to see the effect on backlinks, rankings, traffic, conversions, and revenue. Repeat strategies that are effective and tweak those that perform poorly.

Optimize content and proactively fix issues

Our crawler will look automatically surface SEO issues, look for un-optimized content, and make recommendations to unlock the full potential for your content.

Get automated keyword suggestions right from the SERP

Content from Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, and other rich results are automatically extracted from the SERP and organized into actionable reports.

Use as content ideas and monitor opportunities to knock competitors out of top spots.
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