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Analyze your backlink profile and uncover opportunties to get more links to your site

  • See who's linking to your site
  • Full analysis of your backlink profile
  • Research link opportunities
  • Monitor link health and get alerts

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See who's linking to your site

Find out who is linking to your site. Simply type in your site’s domain, and we’ll show you all the backlinks pointing back to it, along with detailed metrics on the value of each link.

High-level analysis of your backlink profile

Quickly get the pulse of the current status of your backlink profile. See which domains are linking to your site the most, the quality of the domains and pages linking to your site, which URLs on your site are attracting the most links, top anchor texts used, top TLDs, and much more.

Link health monitoring and alerts

After you’ve landed a valuable backlink, how do you know it’s still there? Ongoing link freshness checks make sure the the page is still up and the link still exists. If there's any change to the status, you'll receive an alert.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about your backlink profile

Each link is crawled by Dragon Metrics to return a huge amount of valuable metrics so you can understand the value of each link. Don’t worry, our robust filtering, sorting, and organization options make it easy to quickly get the information you need.

Analyze backlink profile for valuable insights

View link charts organized by domain, destination URL, anchor text, keywords, and more to fully understand your current backlink profile.

Spy on competitors

Why are competitors ranking above your site? Comb through competitors’ backlinks to find out which ones are giving them that extra boost and look for backlink opportunities for your own site.

Research backlink opportunities

The perfect companion for link building campaigns. Find top sites in the industry to gain backlinks from and analyze competitor sites to see where who's linking to them.

Uncover content topics

Looking for topic ideas for content marketing? Run a content analysis to see the type of and topics gaining the most backlinks from your audience.
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