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Analyze the backlink profile of any site and uncover opportunities to get more links to your site

  • See who's linking to your site
  • Full analysis of any site's backlink profile
  • Uncover link building opportunities
  • Compare to competitors and run a Link Gap analysis

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Measure the backlink profile of any site

See who is linking to your site or your competitors and analyze the strength of their backlink profile with over 11 detailed reports.

High-level analysis of your backlink profile

Quickly take the pulse your backlink profile status with easy-to-digest overview reports.

Uncover the most valuable links to your site

See all the backlinks to any site, with robust filtering and sorting to drill down to the data you're looking for.

Top linking domains

An important measure of your backlink profile is the number of high-authority linking domains to your site.

View backlinks grouped by domain, and click to drill down the links from this domain to the target site.

Linking anchor texts

See backlinks grouped by anchor text, with easy filtering to display all links with a particular anchor text.

Stay on top of new links

Be the first to know about new links to your site, with easy monitoring and alerts.

Reclaim lost links

Stay updated with links that have recently been removed, to potentially reclaim high-value backlinks that may have gone away.

Compare to competitors

Add up to 6 competitor sites to compare important backlink profile metrics. Visualize trends over time to keep an eye out for competitors on the move.

Find the perfect link building opportunities with Link Gap

Take link building efforts to the next level with Link Gap analysis.

Simply enter up to 6 sites to see domains or URLs that link to one or more of your competitors that don't already link to you — the resulting list is the perfect set of backlink outreach opportunities!

Root out spammy links

See backlinks sorted by Spam Score to uncover potentially harmful links to your site.

Tracked link monitoring and health alerts

Add high-quality backlinks to tracked watchlists.

Ongoing link freshness checks make sure the the page is still up and the link to your site still exists. If there's any change to the status, you'll receive an alert.
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