Onsite Optimization

Take control of your onsite optimization with our powerful site audit tools

  • Automatically find and fix onsite issues
  • Optimize onsite content
  • Prioritize issues to fix the important stuff first
  • Step-by-step guides make technical SEO a piece of cake

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Automatically detect 70 of the most common onsite and technical optimization issues

Site Audits keep your site healthy with regular crawls and alerts about potential optimization issues found on your site.

 Step-by-step guides

We’ll walk you through the whole process — describing what each issue is, which pages you should fix first, the data you need to fix each one, and step-by-step instructions on how to fix it.

Perfect for SEO newbies, it’s like having a contextual SEO handbook right where you need it!

 Fix the important stuff

Don’t waste your time fixing unimportant or low-priority issues. We'll help guide you to fix the most important issues on the most important pages first.

 Measure performance over time

Is the issue getting better or worse over time?

Demonstrate to stakeholders what you've done and how it affects your rankings, traffic, and revenue.

 Crawl deep

Large sites (over 250,000 URLs) are no problem for our powerful crawler.

Flexible tools are available to help shape your crawls to cover your most important pages or just let it run freely to crawl as a search engine would.

 Javascript crawling

Crawl your site just like Google does, rendering Javascript to make sure our crawler sees the same content available to site visitors in a browser.

Internal linking strategy

Optimize your site's architecture and internal linking strategy with detailed internal linking tools.

Measure the internal PageRank for every URL on your site and view detailed reports covering inbound links to this page and outbound links from this page.

 URL X-Ray

Click on a URL anywhere in the app to learn everything you could possibly want to know about a page on your site.

Instantly view on-page content, tracked and untracked keyword rankings, internal Pagerank, optimization issues, internal and external links, Google Search Console clicks and impressions, Google Analytics traffic and conversions, and so much more.

 Image crawling

Get recommendations on how to optimize images on your site, including broken and redirecting image links, large unoptimized images that could be hindering performance, missing alt tags, issues with srcset, and more.

 Let us do the hard work for you

Site Auditor can quickly uncover even the trickiest of technical SEO issues (such as 13 different optimization issues with hreflang), saving you the hard work and leaving you with the important data and simple instructions on how to fix each problem.

 Leverage your site's content

Dive down deep into your site's content with Site Explorer. Filter by over 100 data criteria to truly understand your site's content and how it's performing.

 Highly configurable crawls

You're in the driver's seat – set up custom crawling criteria to exclude certain areas of your site, control crawl speed, provide a list of seed URLs, restrict the crawl to a specific list of submitted URLs, and so much more.
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