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X-ray vision into any site's SEO strategy

  • Instantly see which keywords any site is ranking for on Google and how much traffic they're receiving
  • Spy on competitors' keywords and strategies
  • Research keywords and opportunities

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Instantly see all the keywords any site ranks for on Google.

Just type in any site for an in-depth analysis, including ranking keywords, estimated traffic, who their top competitors are, top URLs, and more.

Reveal opportunities with Keyword Gap

Enter up to 6 sites to compare performance and reveal keywords that your competitors are ranking for but your site is not.

Competitor analysis

Instantly see the top competitors for any site, then easily compare sites in a Keyword Gap analysis.

Total site analysis

Analyze any part of a site — root domain, subfolder, subdomain, or even a single URL. Quickly see which part of each site is getting the most traffic and ranking keywords.

Massive global support

Database with hundreds of millions of keyword rankings is available for over 70 countries and languages, with keyword research available in over 200.

Filter keywords by category

How do you digest a report with millions of ranking keywords? Divide and conquer!

Filter keywords by thousands of incredibly specific categories to focus on the exact set you're looking for.

Find the perfect keyword

Enter a keyword to receive an expanded list of hundreds of related topics and ideas, complete with keyword difficulty, organic opportunity, SERP results, and more.

Understand keyword difficulty and organic opportunity

Look for quick wins with keywords with a low organic difficulty score.

Evaluate the number of organic opportunities on the SERP (compared to paid or rich results) with Organic CTR.

Uncover questions your customers are asking

Filter keyword ideas by questions to see what your target audience wants to know, making generating content ideas a breeze.

See the actual SERP collected for any keyword

Understand the competitive environment for any keyword visually by viewing the same SERP your searchers will see.

Click on SERP competitors for detailed analysis

A parsed version of the SERP for any keyword is available as well, showing the Page Authority, Domain Authority, and number of backlinks to each URL.

Click on any result to see all the backlinks or ranking keywords for this URL or domain.
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