SERP Features

Drive even more traffic to your site by uncovering opportunities to rank in universal search results like Featured Snippets, AMP, and local results.
  • 25+ types of SERP features tracked
  • Discover SERP feature opportunities
  • Compare to competitors
  • View SERP feature trends

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Drill down deep into SERP features

See which SERP features are showing up for your targeted keywords and monitor how your site appears in them compared to competitors.

25 Types of SERP Features

Over 25 unique types of SERP features are tracked on both desktop and mobile for Google, Bing, and Baidu. Even newer results such as Featured Snippets, AMP, and People Also Ask are included for a complete view of the SERP.

Discover content opportunities and steal competitor spots

Filter by SERP Feature to see all keywords that trigger this result type. Understand opportunities to appear in featured snippets, local packs, images, or other results. Look for weak positions held by competitors and steal their spot.

View SERP Feature trends

Monitor SERP feature appearances over time to check for fluctuations and trends.

Compare to competitors

See which competitors are taking advantage of SERP feature opportunities and look for weaknesses to exploit.

SERP Features on Google, Bing, and Baidu

Not just Google – SERP features are tracked on all major search engines including Bing and SERP feature heavy Baidu!

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