Site Audit Data Now Available in Google Data Studio and Developer API

Simon Lesser December 20, 2021

11 Google Data Studio Connectors in All!

Hot on the heels of the release of our totally revamped developer API and 7 brand new Google Data Studio connectors, we come announcing even more good news today.

We’re bringing Site Audit data to the developer API and launching 4 new Google Data Studio connectors powered by these new endpoints. That bring the total number of connectors to 11!

8 New API Endpoints

Here at Dragon Metrics, we’re all about bringing you the data you need in whatever format you need it in. Today’s launch provides programmatic access to all of your onsite technical optimization reports with 8 brand new endpoints.

We’ve not held anything back — with this data, you can recreate almost any onsite report from Dragon Metrics. But why stop there? The best part about the API is custom applications and new uses for this data.

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Check out the full details in our API documentation.

The sky is the limit with what you can do with all of this data, but here are some of our favorite use cases:

4 New Google Data Studio Connectors

While the API opens endless possibilities, we know that the way most of our customers will be interacting with this data will be via Google Data Studio connectors. That’s why we’re rolling out are 4 brand new connectors that include Site Auditor data!

See a sample report for examples and ideas of how to put these connectors to use!

Issue List

This connector provides a data table listing each issue included in Site Audits along with the number of URLs affected by each, the issue type and priority, and how it’s changed since the previous crawl.

Issue History

Visualize a trend of a single issue’s performance over time.

Issues by Priority

Distribution of issues, grouped by priority (e.g. high/medium/low/notice). Available as a trend or for a single crawl as compared the previous crawl.

Issues by Type

Same as the Issues by Priority connector, but grouped by issue type (e.g. redirects, errors, meta data, etc) instead.

Available now

These connectors are live right now. Find links and further documentation directly in the Google Data Studio page in the Dragon Metrics platform. We’re excited to see what you come up with!