A Big Step Up for our Developer API — Introducing v2.0

Simon Lesser August 22, 2021

New endpoints, more data, better performance, new documentation, and more!

The Dragon Metrics API helps customers manage their campaigns and download their data programmatically to integrate with external systems and internal dashboards, analyze with data visualization tools like Google Data Studio, Tableau, or PowerBI, and more.

Today, we’re taking our API to the next level with version 2.0. The entire API has been redesigned from the ground-up, making a ton of new data available and bringing numerous additional enhancements.

What’s new

There’s so much new in version 2.0, it’s impossible to detail in a short blog post. Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights:

API version 2.0 is available today for all plans Basic and above.

The update is not compatible with past API versions, so you will need to update your client to take advantage of the new endpoints. But don’t worry — version 1.4 isn’t going away any time soon. We will actively maintain this version, though it will not receive any additional feature updates.

Check out the documentation to get started. As always, our support team is always available via live chat to assist with any questions you may have.

Powering our new set of Google Data Studio Connectors!

Google Data Studio connectors

We’ve heard you loud and clear from the initial launch of our first round of Dragon Metrics' Google Data Studio connectors — feedback essentially can be summarized by “We love it. Give us more!”

With that context, API v2.0 was created specifically with Google Data Studio connectors in mind. So today we’re also announcing the launch of 7 new Google Data Studio connectors! These new connectors take full advantage of all of the new data available in API 2.0, and allow you to create incredibly powerful reports with minimal effort.

Read more about our new Google Data Studio connectors or view a sample report to see everything that’s available.