Search Demand Trends and Ranking Summary now available as Google Data Studio connectors & API endpoints

Simon Lesser July 21, 2022

Reporting just got even better (again!)

It’s been a big year for Google Data Studio for Dragon Metrics customers. Today we’re launching our 13th new connector released in the past 12 months. (Who said 13 was unlucky?)

But data studio fans aren’t the only ones getting a boost today — the same new data reports are coming to the Dragon Metrics API, upgraded to version 2.1 as of today.

Let’s check out what’s new, shall we?

Ranking Summary

First up is Ranking Summary, which provides a comparison of over 40 high-level ranking metrics compared between two dates.

For a selected date range you can easily see…

This same data is available for all other position groups (positions 2-5, 6-10, 11-20, top 10, top 50, etc.) as well as Traffic Index, Organic Visibility, Average Position and more!

Using this connector is a snap, too! Just drag a metric to your report and you’re done!

Get the Ranking Summary Google Data Studio connector (must be logged in to Dragon Metrics to view)

Integrate with the new Ranking Summary API endpoint

Search Demand Trends is of the most unique and beloved features in the platform, letting you track monthly search volumes over time, view long-term trends, and compare the popularity of different segments and industries.

Today’s new update brings the Search Demand Trends data to the Google Data Studio and the API so you can take your data to-go!

In the most basic view, you can track search trends over time for all tracked keywords in a campaign.

Things get even more fun when segmenting by tag — compare by industry, business unit, product line, branded/non-branded, or just about anything you can dream of when using Dynamic Tags.

It’s easy to compare popularity for the most recent month.

Or you can track long-term trends by tag as well.

While the Search Volumes endpoint handles all of the summation and segmenting for you, we’ve also updated the List Keywords API endpoint to let you get individual keyword monthly search volume trends too!

Get the Search Volumes Google Data Studio connector (must be logged in to Dragon Metrics to view)

Integrate with the new Search Volumes API endpoint