Google Search Console Data Now in Dragon Metrics

Simon Lesser September 28, 2016

We’re incredibly excited to announce another new addition to Dragon Metrics — Google Search Console integration.

After a quick authorization process, you’ll be able to see up to 50,000 keywords your site is ranking for, along with clicks, impressions, CTR, and position. An unlimited ranking history is available, and you’ll even be able to compare side-by-side with Dragon Metrics’ ranking data. We’ll even use the queries you’re already getting traffic from on Google to suggest keywords to track in Dragon Metrics.

Most SEOs know Google Search Console is a great source of information about inbound organic traffic to your site. Especially since Google’s “(not provided)” update stopped passing keyword referral data, Google Search Console has been one of the only places to get some of this data back.

However, it’s not without its limitations:

Dragon Metrics integration not only brings all of the benefits of GSC, but also eliminates its typical limitations as well.

All your data in one place

No need to visit multiple tools — now that Dragon Metrics displays Google Search Console data, you’ve got everything in one place.

You’ll notice the interface looks similar to the Search Analytics area in Google Search Console. The main difference is the addition of Dragon Metrics’ ranking in the final column of the table. Here you can compare Google Search Console’s average position with the ranking found by Dragon Metrics.

Data can be filtered by country and device. You can also change which search engine in Dragon Metrics you’d like to use to compare against. You can even choose to show only keywords you’re already tracking.

All your keywords (no, seriously)

Google Search Console offers up to 1,000 top keywords in their user interface. That may be enough for some sites, but for larger sites, this may not be nearly enough. Dragon Metrics expands this data to show up to 50,000 keywords you’re receiving clicks or impressions on. You can export them to Excel in just one click!

Finally, we’re closer to getting all of the “(not provided)” data back!

We’ve got a lot of history

Another major limitation of Google Search Console, is that only the most recent 90 days is available for reporting in the interface. This makes month-on-month or year-on-year comparisons impossible.

Luckily, Dragon Metrics has got your back here. We hang onto all data we collect, and it’s always available for reporting. There’s no limit to how long your reporting period is — so if you want to see how your data has changed over the past year, now you finally can.

Say goodbye to guesswork on keyword research

One of the toughest parts of SEO is keyword research. “Which keywords should I track?” is one of the most common questions our support team hears. We make it easier than ever to answer that question.When setting up your campaign for the first time, be sure to authorize your Google Search Console account. We’ll immediately find all keywords your site is already ranking for, and allow you to import them in one click!

If your campaign is already set up, it’s still just as easy to start tracking new keywords. Just check the box next to each keyword, and click “Add Keywords” to begin tracking immediately.

Available Now — No Waiting!

Google Search Console integration is already live for your account — all you need to do is authorize it. The best part is there’s no waiting for your data. As soon as you authorize your Google account, data will be available immediately. Just head over to Google Search Console Rankings or Campaign Details to set it up, and you’ll have data in under a minute.

Rapid-fire new releases

It’s been a busy summer for us — with the release of universal search results and SERP features, local search ranking, 6 new ranking reports, a completely redesigned Site Auditor, and now Google Search Console integration, the platform continues to improve at an incredibly fast rate.

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at everything new this summer, now would be a great time to schedule a training session for your team to make sure you’re taking full advantage of everything Dragon Metrics has to offer. Get in touch and we’ll set it up right away!