Baidu Mobile Rank Tracking Now Available

Simon Lesser February 5, 2016

After already launching mobile rank tracking for Google a few months ago, we’re excited to announce you can now track rankings on Baidu Mobile in Dragon Metrics! This comes at a great time, as Baidu is increasingly getting more sophisticated with their mobile algorithm, you’ll want to see how your mobile site is performing.

To mark the occasion, we’ve also written the definitive, most in-depth guide to how to optimize your site for Baidu mobile SEO. While most of the principles are similar to those of Google or other search engines, as always, there’s plenty of unique elements to optimizing for Baidu. It’s a must-read if you’re doing SEO in China.

To start tracking your rankings in Baidu mobile, simply select mobile from the device dropdown when choosing Baidu in the search engine selection.

This can be done when creating a new campaign, when creating a new keyword group, or editing an existing keyword group. Get started today!