Uncover all ranking keywords for a page in URL X-Ray

Simon Lesser April 12, 2020

One of our most beloved features gets an upgrade

Ever since we launched URL X-Ray last year, it continues to be one Dragon Metrics most popular features. Customers love the ability to click on any URL in the platform and instantly see all data associated with that page — whether it’s rankings, analytics, Google Search Console, content, onsite issues, keyword optimization, keyword research, backlinks, or internal links, it’s all here in one place.

But what if we told you that you could have more? Well that’s exactly what we’re here to say. Now, in addition to being able to see your tracked keywords in your campaign on the “Ranking Keywords (Tracked)” tab, the new “Ranking Keywords (Untracked)” tab pulls in all rankings for this URL from our database of hundreds of millions of keywords in Research. This means you’ll be able to see all the keywords this URL is ranking for, not just the ones you’re tracking in your campaign.

URL X-Ray Untracked Ranking Keywords

Just like in Research, at the top of the report we’ll show you the total number of ranking keywords and estimated organic traffic driven by these keywords, as well as a position distribution chart. Below this is a table containing all of the ranking keywords for this URL in our database.

To drill down deeper, you can add up to 6 custom filters to pull out exactly the data you’re looking for.

Filter on URL X-Ray Untracked Ranking Keywords

By default, we’ll show rankings from the same country you’re tracking in the campaign. If you’re tracking multiple countries in a campaign, we’ll show the first one in the list. You can always change the country shown by using the dropdown towards the top of the report.

Choose search engine

As always, you can export your data to Excel. But if you’re looking for additional keywords to track, you can add them to a campaign simply by checking the box and clicking the Add Keywords button at the top of the table.

Add keywords to campaign

More is on the way

There’s a lot more in the works for URL X-Ray. In fact, we’ve got 3 more new tabs coming in the very near future! We can’t wait to share them with you soon, but if you want a sneak peak, drop us a line or book a session with us and we’ll give you a preview of what’s in store!