Unlock Keyword Insights from the SERP

Simon Lesser October 7, 2019

Get content and keyword ideas from the SERP delivered to you automatically

People also ask in Dragon Metrics

Gone are the days of the 10 blue links on Google. Now and increasing more than ever, Google is crowding the SERP with rich content.

Dragon Metrics already supports 25 types of SERP features in our rank tracking tools, but we wanted to take it one step further. Instead of just letting you know which SERP features are showing up on the page, where they’re being displayed, and who owns each one, we wanted to help you leverage this data to drive more traffic to your site.

Our new Keyword Insights combine 3 powerful reports to help you generate content ideas and steal SERP features for yourself.

People Also Ask

One of the best places to start is Google’s People Also Ask box. This SERP feature has been increasing in prominence, and now is showing up on approximately 80% of all SERPs! Inside this box contains questions that Google has identified searchers are asking about the query.

So the question follows — if people are asking these questions shouldn’t you have an answer for them?

People also ask in Google

Dragon Metrics will now collect all questions inside these boxes on SERPs for tracked keywords. We’ll then display all of them together in one place — no need to check the SERP directly.

Each question is listed with the number of monthly searches for this query each month, and which keywords triggered this question on the SERP. You can even see which site Google currently thinks has the best answer and is showing on the SERP. If you want to start tracking these questions, just check the box next to each and click “Add Keywords”.

Get automatic content ideas customized exactly for your site, saving you hours of research!

People also ask in Dragon Metrics

Featured Snippets in Google

Featured snippets can be a great way to drive traffic to your site. The trick is to identify keywords that trigger a featured snippet on the SERP, but may not have the best content in them. This low-hanging fruit is the perfect opportunity to craft content (and perhaps leverage structured data on your site) to take this SERP feature for yourself.

Manually searching or clicking through to the SERP is time consuming. Now, Dragon Metrics will automatically record all content found in Featured Snippets for all tracked keywords and deliver them in one place.

Featured Snippets in Dragon Metrics

Now, the only thing to do is to browse through the list and identify opportunities. So much easier than clicking through every SERP!

Have you ever noticed the area just above the footer on the SERPs? These related searches are keywords Google has identified as being semantically related to the original query.

That being the case, wouldn’t you like to target and track these keywords as well?

Once again, Dragon Metrics will collect all keywords found in the related searches area of the SERP of every tracked keyword. We’ll also look up the search volume so you know exactly how many people are searching for this term each month. It’s automatic customized keyword research!

Keyword Insights is live now for all subscription levels. Try it out and let us know what you think!