Three new Google SERP features tracked — Interesting Finds, Top Sights, and Visual Stories

Simon Lesser May 4, 2021

An even better picture of what’s ranking on the SERP

Today we’re adding 3 new SERP features tracked in Dragon Metrics. This brings the total number to 34 unique types of rich results in the platform! While we cover SERP features on Google, Bing, and Baidu, today we’ll be focusing on Google. Let’s take a look at what’s new, shall we?

Lucky for us, all 3 new SERP feature types can be found on the same SERP! We’ll be looking at the query Vancouver in Google US for these examples.

Interesting Finds

First up is a result type called Interesting Finds. This feature shows up for popular search terms on mobile devices only. Any site is eligible to rank in this area, so it’s not just reserved for Google or sites with AMP. Three listings are usually shown by default, with a “See full list” link at the bottom which will display even more results.

Visual Stories

Also only shown on mobile devices, Visual Stories are a unique type of AMP content. Clicking an a visual story will show a fast-loading full-screen experience, typically a video, image, or animation.

These web stories are available for any site, but must be developed specifically for this platform. Typically these stories are dominated by major publishers for popular head terms. Learn more about web stories at the AMP project site.

Top Sights

Top Sights (no, not Top Sites) is shown on travel-related keywords, especially for “things to do in [place name]” keywords. Shown on both desktop and mobile, a carousel of results are shown each with a star rating a short description.

Top sights on desktop:

Top sights on desktop

Top sights on mobile:

Top sights on mobile

Clicking on a result will take you to the “Things to Do” area in Google Travel, so it’s not possible for sites to rank in this area.

Things to do

Tracking has been going on behind the scenes for a few weeks now, so you should be seeing these new result types already. You’ll find all 3 of these SERP features in the same place as all others in the Dragon Metrics platform.