This one goes to 11! Announcing Shenma rank tracking support

Simon Lesser October 7, 2019

This one goes to 11! Announcing Shenma rank tracking support

We’re excited to welcome Shenma as the newest supported search engine on the Dragon Metrics roster. This brings the total number of search engines to 11! Another reason why Dragon Metrics is the first truly global SEO platform.

This has been one of the most-requested features from our China-based customers for a while now, but anyone doing ecommerce in China will definitely want to start tracking right away.

What is Shenma?

Shenma is a mobile-only search engine in China. The site is run by Alibaba, which explains its primary focus on ecommerce. Available at the efficiently typed sm.cn domain, if you visit with a desktop browser you’ll notice no search bar even exists on the page. Only by visiting with a mobile browser will you see something that resembles a typical search engine.

Shenma on Desktop — note that there’s no way to search!

Shenma search engine on desktop

Shenma on Mobile — now it looks likes a search engine

Shenma search engine on mobile

While good numbers are hard to come by, estimates on Shenma’s search market share vary between between 5-15%. Impressive, especially for a mobile-only search engine. But for those in the ecommerce space, the numbers could be even higher.

Shenma’s catchy name is a bit of a pun in Chinese. The characters for Shenma “神马” literally mean “mythical horse”, but shares the same pronunciation with the word “什么” meaning “what”.

Shenma rank tracking in Dragon Metrics

Shenma rank tracking

To add rank tracking for Shenma, simple navigate to Keyword Group Settings under Campaign Settings, and add “Shenma” when editing an existing group. After saving, you’ll start to see Shenma rankings on the next data update.

For any questions on Shenma or any of the other massive updates this month, don’t hesitate to start a live chat conversation with our Customer Success team. We’d love to hear your feedback!