You Asked, We Delivered – 6 New Rankings Reports Now Live

Simon Lesser September 15, 2016

With all of the hundreds of features Dragon Metrics offers, the most popular by far are the keyword ranking reports. For many users, rank tracking is the core of the platform. That’s why for our latest release, we’ve gone back to our roots to offer even more ways to view and analyze your ranking data. In total, there are 5 brand new reports, and one totally redesigned report. Let’s take a look.

Competitor Keyword Rankings

First up is Competitor Keyword Rankings, which shows the rankings of up to 10 competitors at a time for every keyword you’re tracking. At the top of the report is a trend or summary of each competitor’s Organic Visibility. Below, in the table, you can see each competitor’s ranking for every keyword you’re currently tracking.

Clicking an individual keyword will display even more details, such as a ranking trend for each competitor, the ranking URL, type of search result, and change.

Landing Page Rankings

Landing page rankings displays your ranking keywords grouped by ranking URL. This is incredibly useful for seeing your top performing content.

By default, each URL is displayed with the number of keywords it’s ranking for, the top ranking position this URL has achieved for any keyword, the sum of the search volumes for all keywords ranking for this URL, as well as the organic sessions and conversions.

Clicking the expand icon next to each URL will show all keywords ranking for this URL, along with their individual ranking and search volume.

Even more powerful is that we can use this report to recover “(not provided)” data. Since we’re able to receive the organic sessions and conversions from Google Analytics for each URL, and the keyword rankings and search volumes from Dragon Metrics, we can now reverse engineer how many sessions and conversions each keyword is brining for this URL!

If Google Analytics has not been integrated with the campaign, that’s not a problem — the report will still display as normal, but the columns for organic sessions and conversions will be hidden.

This also allows you view any competitor’s data as well by changing the “Site” filter at the top of the page.

Search Engine Rankings

View how your keywords are performing across multiple search engines with Search Engine Rankings. This report is great for checking your performance on desktop compared to mobile and comparing different countries (e.g. Google US vs. Google UK).

Campaigns doing local SEO with multiple locations will find this report invaluable. If you’re tracking the same keyword in multiple cities/postal codes/neighborhoods, you can now see how your keywords perform in each locale.

Similar to Competitor Keyword Rankings, you can see the Organic Visibility trend for each search engine at the top of the report. Below, you can compare rankings across all search engines for each keyword.

Click each keyword for even more details, such as trends for each search engine and SERP features.

Keyword Group Rankings

Keyword groups are great for categorizing keywords into different departments, business units, or other types of segments. Now, with the new Keyword Group Rankings report, you can compare the performance of each, to see which areas need your attention.

Tag Rankings

Similar to Keyword Groups, tags offer another dimension of segmentation and categorization for your keywords. (For example, you could use Keyword Groups to divide product keywords into different departments, and use tags to segment high / medium / low search volume.) The main difference between keyword groups and tags is that each keyword group can have a separate set of tracking search engines and competitors.

The Tag Rankings page provides a way to compare performance across all tags you’ve set up for the campaign.

Competitor Site Rankings

While not a completely new feature, we have redesigned the Competitor Site Rankings to bring it some additional functionality. Here’s what new:

More coming soon

We’ve been busy lately with all of these recent updates, but we’re not done yet. We’ve got even more new features coming out in the next 1-2 weeks that we know you’re going to love. We’re excited!

As always, we love hearing your feedback — it’s what helps keep Dragon Metrics great! Let us know what you think about the new ranking reports using the in-app chat. Looking forward to hearing from you.