Putting the Focus on SEO Efforts — New Optimized URLs Report

Simon Lesser October 7, 2019

See the fruits of your SEO labor

As SEOs, sometimes a divide and conquer approach is best. Instead of tackling the entire site at once, optimization may come in several waves of smaller projects each with a smaller handful of targeted URLs and keywords.

This is the reality that many SEOs at both brands and agencies work with. Yet the tools used are rarely able to accommodate such a workflow. SEO tools are typically set up to work on either the entire site as a whole, a single URL, or a subset of keywords. But what about a subset of URLs?

That’s where our new Optimized URLs report comes in.

Optimized URLs

Now you can enter only the URLs that you want to focus on. We’ll grab the organic traffic for this URL and either all the ranking keywords for these URLs or only the ones that you’ve specifically targeted for each one, and show the ranking position and search volume for each.

How to do it

To get started, navigate to Analytics > Organic > Optimized URLs

Optimized URLs

Once you’re there, select your date range and a comparison date range, if desired. Then choose which search engine’s rankings you want to see on the report (you can select up to 4 at once). You can optionally choose to show a running trend leading up to this date range, and filter by Custom Segment. If viewing Conversions, you can choose which Goals make up a Conversion.

By default, all keywords that rank with these URLs will be included. If you’d prefer to only include the keywords that are set with this URL as the preferred landing page, set “Targeted Keywords Only” to True.

Finally, enter up to 200 targeted URLs and hit Go for your final report. To start over, simply open the filter again by clicking the arrow and enter new URLs or change other settings.