Keep An Eye On Competition with SERP Comparisons

Simon Lesser January 15, 2021

Compare Historic SERP Positions

Let’s take a quick checkup of your Dragon Metrics knowledge — did you know it’s possible to view the actual SERP collected for any tracked keyword by clicking the SERP and Competition link on Keyword Ranking?

SERP and competition


Did you also know it’s also possible to see a parsed version of this SERP that shows a more simplified view that’s easily exportable too?

Parsed SERP

If this is news to you, we’re not surprised — there’s so many features in the platform it’s easy to miss tons of killer ones like this. In this case we’d recommend setting a demo/training session with our Customer Success team to help make sure you’re taking advantage of everything the app has to offer.

While we’re on the subject, I’d like to take a moment to highlight a small yet valuable new upgrade to this Parsed SERP report — the ability to compare any two dates’ SERP positions for all ranking URLs. Let’s take a look!

Since the launch of this report, you’ve always been able to see the top 50 positions ranking on the SERP for the end date of the selected range.

Parsed SERP

But starting today, you can now see the begin date ranking position for every ranking URL too! We’ve even added the Change column to show how much it has changed during over this period. If a URL was not ranking on the first date in the selected date range, “(new)” will be displayed.

Parsed SERP

Use the date picker to compare the top 50 SERP positions between any two dates. In each case, data for the last day in the range will be shown with a comparison to the first date in the range.

Date picker

This report is perfect for identifying new competitors and trends for individual keywords. Give it a try today!