Focusing a Microscope on Keyword Rankings in Automated Reports

Simon Lesser January 14, 2021

New Report Builder Module — Competitor Keyword Ranking Trend

We know how valuable accurate and detailed ranking data is to our customers. That’s why 11 out of the 50+ reporting modules available in the Report Builder are dedicated to displaying ranking data in just about every angle you can imagine.

Most of these reports are more focused on high-level data, though some fairly detailed low-level reports are available too. This works for the majority of situations, but we realize that for some of the most valuable keywords there could be situations when you want monitor individual keyword trends even more closely.

That’s where our newest Report Builder module comes in. Competitor Keyword Ranking Trend lets you compare the ranking history of a single tracked keyword against other tracked competitors.

Competitor Keyword Ranking Trend

Here we can see a chart that shows which site is ranking at each organic position on each day. Hover on each date to see the ranking URL.

Competitor Keyword Ranking Trend hover state

Like all Report Builder modules, you’re in control of all aspects of how data is presented, such as:

Competitor Keyword Ranking Trend Settings

Multiple Competitor Keyword Ranking Trend modules can be included on a single report to highlight each of your most valuable keywords.

This new module can be found under the Competitors menu of the Report Builder and is already live today. Give it a try and let us know what you think!