Simon Lesser October 7, 2019

Dragon Metrics has always been a trailblazer when it comes to Asia search engine support. From day one of our launch 7 years ago, we supported all major global search engines. In fact, the lack of support for Asia-based SEO platforms was what brought Dragon Metrics into existence to begin with.

Though a few search engines have come and go since that time (RIP Soso, hello Shenma!) our commitment to global SEO has meant offering the best feature support around for Google, Bing and Yahoo in 250 country/language combinations, but also deep feature support for other global search engines that go far beyond basic rank tracking. Dragon Metrics is still the only SEO platform on the market offering true native support for Baidu, including rank tracking, SERP features, keyword research, search volumes, a massive instant-lookup ranking database, and much more.

A new chapter in the story comes today with the announcement of search volumes and keyword research on Naver! Now marketers to South Korea will be able to discover new keyword opportunities and understand search demand for their targeted queries.

Going forward, all tracked keywords for Naver will be displayed with search volumes straight from Naver itself.

You can also uncover keyword ideas under Research. Just enter in a keyword to receive hundreds of related topic ideas, each with separate desktop and mobile search volumes.

Naver Keyword Research

Keywords can be quickly added to a campaign by checking the box next to each one and clicking “Add Keywords”.

Add Naver related keywords for rank tracking

You can also export all data to Excel, just like on every other report.

Export Naver search volumes to Excel

This feature is only available for Standard plans and higher. So if you’re using a Starter or Basic, you’ll need to upgrade to get access. For everyone else, try it out and let us know what you think!