FTP Scheduled Reports Now Available

Simon Lesser September 25, 2020

Even more reporting automation

The Dragon Metrics Report Builder is a powerful solution for creating beautiful white-labeled reports, quickly and easily, without sacrificing an incredible level of customization.

One of the best parts of the Report Builder is the automation that comes with it, allowing you to receive reports right in your inbox on any custom schedule. While this is very convenient for most customers, if you’re dealing with dozens or even hundreds of reports, it no longer becomes scalable to have to open your inbox and download each report separately.

Today we’re launching support for FTP delivery of reports! Now instead of receiving reports via email, we’ll save them directly to your FTP server. When creating a new report, simply choose FTP as the delivery option, enter your server settings, test it out, and you’ll be all set.

This feature is available today for all users and plan types, so give it a try today!