Doubling the power of new Site Auditor reports

Simon Lesser December 22, 2020

Image crawling, hreflang, social markup, pixel widths, and more

We’ve been hard at work this year on some big improvements to our onsite crawler (powering tools like Site Auditor, Site Explorer, and URL X-Ray). Today, we’re excited to announce the launch an additional 30 new issues tracked by the Site Auditor, and over 40 new data fields collected for every crawled URL.

The new issues and fields are all powered by updates in 4 main areas:

Let’s check out each area individually, shall we?

Image crawling

In addition to HTML URLs, our crawler will now include images in the crawl as well.

Invalid content type

A new Images tab has been added to URL X-Ray, so you can now view the images found on any URL in your site, along with additional optimization data.

URL X-Ray Images

We’ll look for a number of optimization issues on each image we crawl. Here’s a sample of some of the new image reports in Site Auditor:


Hreflang is a set of markup placed on a URL to tell search engines that there are multiple versions of a page in different languages. This helps search engines serve visitors the most appropriate version of each URL by language or region.

As anyone who’s attempted to implementing hreflang knows, the rules can get devilishly complicated quickly. There are so many potential areas where mistakes can be made, it’s no wonder that the vast majority of hreflang implementations have numerous issues.

No self-referencing hreflang tag

Our crawler looks deep into all of the most common problems, uncovering them for you and providing the exact data you need to fix it quickly and easily.

In URL X-Ray (Content tab), you can view all hreflang tags on a page, whether the hreflang value is valid, and whether the linked URL is indexable. The value of the self-referencing tag and x-default tag will also be shown too.

Hreflang links on page

You can even see all of the inbound hreflang links to this page too!

Hreflang inbound links

Social markup

Twitter card markup incomplete

Our crawler now looks for Open Graph and Twitter Card markup, and checks whether they’re properly implemented. These tags are used to generate those nice-looking previews in social media and messaging platforms when a link to this URLs is shared.

Twitter card example

Here’s a few of the most common issues with social markup we look for in Site Auditor:

In URL X-Ray (Content tab), you can view the value of every Open Graph and Twitter Card tag we track, too!

Social markup

Pixel widths

Each text character takes up a different amount of horizontal space on the page (for example, iiiii and wwwww are both 5 characters, but wwwww is much longer).

Therefore, when thinking about how much content will be shown in the SERP snippet, the number of characters found in the title tag or meta description is not important — what really matters is the width they take up (measured in pixels).

SERP snippet

In light of this, our crawler now calculates the pixel width of the title tag and meta description, as rendered with the same font family and size as in the Google snippet.

As long as the URL is not flagged with the Title Too Long or Meta Description Too Long issues, you’ll be able to know with confidence that your title and description tags will be able to be displayed properly on the SERP snippet without being truncated!

Meta description too long

Deep integration in the platform

It’s not just the Site Auditor that has been upgraded — these changes have been woven throughout the app.

Dozens of smaller updates

We’ve gone through our onsite tools and cleaned up and added plenty of small tweaks and optimizations to make the platform a bit easier to use.

For example, we’ve completely redesigned the filter and navigation on Site Explorer to be considerably simpler.

Site Explorer

Rolling out soon

The new onsite updates will be rolling out over the next few weeks, so if you don’t see it today, don’t fret! Just check back again soon, or get in touch with our Customer Success team via live chat.