Dragon Metrics Recommended Talks - brightonSEO September 2023

Sarah Presch September 11, 2023

As a premium sponsor and exhibitor at brightonSEO again this year, we can’t wait to get to the event and start meeting everyone. If you’re going to be at the event, make sure that you stop by the Dragon Metric’s booth. Our very own Simon, Richard and Sarah will be there with have plenty to show you and we’ll have cupcakes and beautiful stainless steel water bottles to give away!

There’s also the impressive array of talks that the organizers have put lots of thought into choosing. With such a fantastic line-up, we thought we’d share some of the talks our team is looking forward to the most to help the next few days pass that bit quicker!

Alex Wright - Getting down and dirty with log files

Alex is the Agency Director of Clicky. In his talk, Alex will be giving attendees a quick introduction to what log files are, before diving into some actionable tips and insights around obtaining, analyzing and getting the most out of your log files.

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Aleyda Solís - Embracing AI in SEO: how to 10x your SEO leveraging AI bots

Aleyda is an iSEO consultant and founder of Oranti. In her talk, Aleyda will be walking you through everything from keyword and competitor analyses to performing audits and generating reports by utilizing AI in your daily SEO operations.

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Giulia Panozzo - Flip the script: overcoming negativity bias for positive growth

Giulia is the Founder of Neuroscientive. During her talk, Giulia will embark on a deep-dive exploration of the fascinating phenomenon known as negativity bias and how it affects the way we perceive, process information and make decisions both online and in our personal and professional life.

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Ruth Everett - Demystifying chrome devtools

Ruth is a Senior SEO Testing Consultant at SearchPilot. In her talk, Ruth will share actionable ways the free Chrome DevTools feature can help SEOs review, audit and trouble-shoot websites of all sizes.

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Petra Kis-Herczeg - From AI to EI: the future of SEO is emotional intelligence

Petra is an SEO Consultant and public speaker you might have heard at events like MozCon and SearchLove. In her talk, Petra will be teaching us about the need for emotional intelligence in today’s AI-focussed world.

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Vanda Pokecz - Are SEOs like architects? An SEO product manager’s story

Vanda is the SEO Team Lead at Ladenzeile. In her talk, Vanda will use 1-2 real examples of her work to walk attendees through a product discovery and development process including user research, experimentation and cross-departmental project work.

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Billie Geena - How to ensure that your technical SEO strategy is truly accessible

Billie Geena is an SEO and Training Consultant at Uptake.agency. In her talk, she’ll be unveiling the hidden relationship between technical SEO issues and website accessibility. We'll delve into common challenges like improper page load, JavaScript usage, and elusive touch targets and compare a traditional SEO audit with key features from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

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Gus Pelogia - Think like a product manager and optimize beyond the SEO bubble

Gus is the SEO Product Manager at Indeed. In this talk, Gus will show attendees why SEOs should think like a PM, going beyond "SEO metrics" to execute winning projects while winning trust and resources to execute your big bets.

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There are plenty more great talks that you can take a look at via the official event schedule so we’re sure there’s something no matter what aspect of SEO you like the best.