Baidu Releases a Page Rank Checker

Ian Lau September 28, 2016

Last week, as a part their celebration of Baidu Webmaster Tools’ 5th anniversary, Baidu has temporarily released a very interesting tool for SEOs, roughly translated as “Intimacy Checker”. (Sounds weirdly romantic, right? That’s not an accident — read on to find out why.)

This tool provides your site with an Intimacy Score (亲密度) that indicates how strong the site stands in Baidu organic search. Many SEOs view this as a PageRank checker for Baidu — something they’ve never released before. Is this tool really the official Baidu authority metric we’ve been waiting for? Let’s take a look.

Baidu Page Rank Checker

What Baidu has to say about it

Here’s Baidu’s official comments about the concept of PageRank:

(English Translation)

“Baidu doesn’t have Page Rank / Authority (Pounding on the blackboard, very Important)! But we do have a system of grading websites’ quality. This system contains almost 100 different grading areas, and the grading is dynamic — the same website can have a different grade within different scenarios and requirements.”

(Original Text)


Our interpretation of this would be “This tool is an overall grading tool for your websites in Baidu. While it can tell you how strong your website stand in Baidu, it’s not 100% accurate in all cases.”

In the tool, Baidu will give a rating of 1-5 to your website, with increments of 0.5. That means if you multiply this number by 2, it is on the same scale as Page Rank.

Major Limitations

Here’s the major letdown — unlike Toolbar Page Rank, Domain Authority or most other authority metrics available out there, you can only see a grade for websites that you’ve verified in Baidu Webmaster Tools.

This limitation greatly limits usefulness of this tool, but we think it’s still worth checking out for all your websites before the tool goes offline. The tool is likely only available temporarily — it’s a celebration activity for Baidu Webmaster Tools 5th anniversary after all.

Romance Between SEOs and Baidu

Here’s what the grading result screen looks like:


If you are wondering about the romantic theme of the result page, this is because Baidu has branded their search algorithm as an attractive female named Du Niang (度娘) and SEOs in China are males that trying to start a relationship with her. Weird, right?

How to check your Baidu Page Rank “Intimacy Score”

It’s pretty easy to get the score to your site, as long as you’ve already verified your site in Baidu Webmaster Tools. If you haven’t done this yet, check out our Guide to Baidu Webmaster Tools.

  1. Login to Baidu Webmaster Tools
  2. Visit [Baidu Webmaster Tools Five Years Anniversary Page][4]
  3. Choose the website you’d want to check in the “请选择测试站点” dropdown menu
  4. Click on “猜猜看”

What if I want to check Baidu Page Rank for other websites?

Since you can’t get score for websites unless you’ve verified them within Baidu Webmaster Tools, you’re out of luck for competitor’s sites, industry research, or looking up anyone’s site other than your own.

Luckily, we’ve created an extremely accurate method of measuring organic domain authority in Baidu. It’s called Dragon Rank, and it’s an excellent method of discovering any website’s SEO strength in Baidu. Dragon Metrics uses its database of millions of keyword rankings on Baidu to objectively measure every site’s ranking ability.

Dragon Rank Baidu Domain Authority

Unlike PageRank, Dragon Rank is an ordinal ranking of all domains in our database of over 1.5 million sites. The website with Dragon Rank of 1 is the best performing website on Baidu. The lower the Dragon Rank (The higher the number), the less popular the website is to Baidu.

You can get Dragon Rank along with a ton more Baidu SEO insights for any website instantly by signing up for a free 30-day free trial. Give it a try today!