SEO Project Management
Designed to handle SEO projects at any scale
  • Comprehensive user management

  • Manage website access controls

  • Easy data imports

  • Effective resource allocation

  • Great for agencies and enterprises

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User management

Create multiple users, each with a different access level. From administrator roles to read-only accounts, you can be sure each user has exactly the right access they need, and nothing more.

Website access controls

Add multiple website profiles to your account, then delegate which users can access each one. You can even give clients read-only access to their accounts.



Easy data imports

Moving from a different tool? Importing keywords, links, and other data into Dragon Metrics is a breeze. Simply upload your Excel file, and you’re ready to go.

Resource allocation

Allocate each team, client, or profile their own separate quota of keywords / links / crawls to reduce inter-department squabbling over resources.



Great for agencies

Create a separate profile for each client, then give access to each project manager based on the accounts they’re working on. Need to give direct access to the client? Just set up a new user account to control what that can see and do when logged in.

Great for enterprises

Separate web properties, markets, or business units by profile, and control who has access to each. Administrators can retain access to all areas, while being able to delegate responsibilities to other users.