Rank Above Competitors with Dragon Metrics
Looking to take your SEO campaigns to the next level?
Dragon Metrics provides the analysis and insights you need to rank above competitors and turn monthly reporting into a breeze.


Track rankings on 10 search engines in every country and language, on desktop or mobile devices

Discover and track links to your site and those of your competitors’

Get a detailed site audit with optimization recommendations and step-by-step guides on more than 50 common SEO issues

Find the perfect keyword with keyword research tools, complete with search volume and competitive data

Integrate with your analytics platform to see how rankings and links affect traffic and conversions

Uncover (not provided) keyword data to find which keywords are bringing traffic and conversions

Lighten your reporting workload with powerful dashboards and beautiful white-labeled reports.

Rank higher with additional SEO tools created specifically for Baidu and Chinese search engines

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Platform Features


Track rankings on 10 search engines in every country and language. Compare visibility to competitors overall, for specific group of keywords or search engines, or for individual keywords. Track landing page performance, and pair with analytics data to discover how rankings affect traffic, user behaviors and conversions on your site.

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Powerful, Customizable Dashboards

Get all of the most important data from all your sites in one place. Simple drag-and-drop customizable interface with 50+ different reporting modules lets each user get exactly the data they need. No need to hunt, no need to switch to different sites – just pure SEO reporting bliss.

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Onsite Optimization

Automatically find and fix highest priority onsite optimization issues with our site audit tool, reporting on over 50 common issues. Get details on what each issue is, which issues you should fix first, the data you need to fix it, and step-by-step help and instructions on how to fix it.

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Link Management

Find out who’s linking to your site, along with powerful metrics to identify which are your most important backlinks. Links are monitored for health status – if anything happens to them you’ll receive an alert. Research link building opportunities, and comb through competitor backlinks for ideas.

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Keyword Research

Get keyword suggestions straight from Google, Baidu and Bing, complete with search volume and competition data. For keywords on Baidu, our massive research database offers even more detailed analysis and insights.

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Competitive Analysis

Automatically discover highest-ranking competitors for each specific group of keywords. Dragon Metrics finds them for you – no more guesswork. Compare rankings, analyze competitor links and content for ideas and insights. Also with our exclusive Baidu database, you can find your competitors in China instantly.

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Powerful Report Builder

Spend less time reporting, more time doing – let Dragon Metrics handle the heavy lifting for you with our powerful reporting capabilities so you can spend time on the optimization process, and less time painstakingly putting together reports.

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Analytics Integration

Integrate ranking information along with traffic, conversion, and other visitor behavior metrics to measure results through the entire funnel, uncover your (not provided) keywords and discover the true value of your SEO efforts.

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China SEO Tools

SEO in China is vastly different than the rest of the world, and Dragon Metrics provides multiple tools especially designed to help marketers in China. Support for all 3 major Chinese search engines, massive Baidu research database, keyword research tools from Baidu, Baidu SERP analysis, and a Simplified Chinese user interface are just some of the specific tools built for China.

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8 - Designed for Global SEO - edited - 2

Designed for Global SEO

Dragon Metrics was built from the beginning with multinational and multilingual campaigns in mind, with multiple features designed to make SEO projects as easy as possible for global teams.

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Project Management

Manage multiple projects with large teams of users, assigning different authority roles and access to each user. Easy data importing makes brining in data from another tool a breeze.

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Designed for every size screen, every size device

Access your data wherever you are – Dragon Metrics’ responsive design looks great whether you’re using a giant 30″ monitor, laptop / desktop, tablets, or any mobile devices.