Powerful yet super easy to use reporting system for any SEO projects
  • Highly customizable reporting options

  • White labeled reports

  • Easy PDF Exports

  • Integrate with External Data

  • Your own online reporting portal

  • Automate the reporting process

  • Receive custom, proactive alerts

  • Simple data exports

  • Be a reporting hero

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Highly customizable reporting options

Get the data you want, exactly the way you want it. Choose from over 50+ data modules, drag them into place, and customize every detail and option until it’s perfect and unique just for you.

3 - White labeled reports

White labeled reports

Our reports can be 100% white-labeled and available at a generic and anonymous domain. You can add your own logo and branding to your report, and hide Dragon Metrics’. Your clients will think your organization owns its own online reporting suite!

Easy PDF Exports

Download a copy of the report for yourself and send that one out to the rest of the team or share the report via URL and everyone viewing the report can download their own copy. Whichever works best for you and your workflow!


Integrate with External Data

With our Free Form Content module, you can add descriptions to the data, your recommendations, or analysis. There’s almost nothing that you can do in a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document you can’t put into a Dragon Metrics custom report.

Your own online reporting portal

Reports will be available at a generic and anonymous domain, report web links are by default publicly available, but are randomized using a 128-bit string and are not indexable by search engines. You can even use password to add an extra layer of security to your reports.

6 - Your own online reporting portal


Responsive and Mobile-Ready

Reports are even made with responsive design, so they’ll look great on all device sizes — no more pinching and zooming.

Automate the reporting process

Schedule reports to be sent directly to your inbox


9 - Receive custom, proactive alerts

Receive custom, proactive alerts

No more finding out days or weeks after the fact. Set up custom alerts with criteria you set, and recieve a notice as soon as it happens. Rankings drop? Links de-indexed? Traffic increase? You’ll be on top of it.

Simple data exports

It’s your data. Shouldn’t you be able to do what you’d like with it? We make it easy, with all data easily exportable with a single click.

10 - Simple data exports


Be a reporting hero

Flexible and secure sharing and exporting options for your team members or external stakeholders. Make your clients and bosses happy with insightful, simple, data-packed reports powered by Dragon Metrics.