Rank Tracking
Enterprise Grade Global Rank Tracking for SEOs at any level
  • Track rankings on 10 search engines in every language, country, and locale on both desktop and mobile devices, including universal result types

  • Effectively monitor ranking performance in multiple angles

  • Reveal true organic visibility with Universal Search results

  • Compare and analyze your competitors

  • Automatically discover highest-ranking competitors

  • Combine Google Search Console data for exclusive insights

  • Get custom, proactive alerts on ranking changes

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Complete Search Engine Support – Local, Mobile, Universal

Track rankings on 10 search engines in 200+ countries and languages, on both desktop and mobile devices, with local search down to the city / postal code / neighborhood level, and including over 20 universal search result types

Your campaign’s performance at a glance

Quickly understand how your SEO campaign’s performance are doing. See the number of keywords ranking #1, or on page 1, and the overall visibility of all keywords within seconds, and compare to any date in the past.

2 - Your campaign’s performance at a glance

3 - Monitor individual keyword performance

Monitor individual keyword performance

Get down to the keyword level to see your biggest moving keywords, top performing keywords, or see how keywords on your watch list are doing.

Universal Search Rankings

Search engine results pages are no longer just 10 organic blue links. Dragon Metrics provides in-depth insights for over 20 different universal result types such as local packs, news, images, videos, knowledge panels, knowledge cards, and much more. 



Local rank tracking down to the neighborhood level

Optimizing for local businesses or chain stores? Don’t just track rankings on the country-level — Dragon Metrics can provide local ranking data down to the city/state/province/postal code/neighborhood level.

Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) Integration

By combining Dragon Metrics data and extraction technology, you can get much more in-depth data out of your stock Google Search Console reports, such as up to 50,000 keywords displayed for each generated report, unlimited historical data and ability to compare Google Search Console data with Dragon Metrics own data side by side.


5 - Automatically discover highest-ranking competitors

Automatically discover highest-ranking competitors

Who are your biggest competitors for each specific group of keywords? Dragon Metrics automatically finds them for you. No more guesswork.

Compare to competitors

Spy on competitor rankings in detail, see how you stack up overall or for a specific group of keywords, or see who’s ranking for each individual keyword.

competitor keyword rankings cropped


Analyze ranking performance on page-by-page level

With keywords data for each landing pages along side with volume and traffic data, you can easily access pages’ value and claim back your “not provided” keywords.

Segment your ranking data

With Dragon Metrics flexible keyword grouping and tagging tools, you can easily dissect massive amount of data in different dimensions to obtain additional insights for your SEO campaigns.

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7 - Landing page optimization

Landing page optimization

Designate URLs as preferred landing pages, and monitor performance of key pages to make sure the right URL is ranking for the right keyword.

Get custom, proactive alerts

Instead of actively checking ranking data, why not let Dragon Metrics do the work for you? Create custom alerts with criteria you set. Whenever they’re triggered, you’ll receive an email alert.

6 - Get custom, proactive alerts

Dragon Metrics Is A Great Tool for SEO

Tracking a big — I mean really big — number of keyword rankings has always been a trouble for us until we found Dragon Metrics. It has powerful features to track a huge number of keyword rankings at one time. Weekly reports are very clear and straightforward, really helpful for us to make business decisions.