SEO Dashboards
All the SEO data you need in one place, and it only takes seconds to build.
  • Look at your entire SEO portfolio’s performance in one glance

  • Easily build dashboards with our Drag-and-Drop Interface

  • Get any data you will need with our extensive reporting options

  • Structure your dashboards with each of our highly customizable reporting modules

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Your entire SEO portfolio’s performance in one glance

No need to dig through multiple pages and views, see an overview of the most important data across all campaigns quickly and easily.

Customizable Drag-and-Drop Interface

Get the data you want, exactly the way you want it. Add new modules, drag them into place, and customize every detail and option until it’s perfect and unique just for you.



Extensive Reporting Options

Select from over 40 different available modules, with more being added all the time. Almost every report, every chart from the platform can be added to the dashboard.

Highly Customizable

Every user has their own dashboard to make their own. Customize every option, change colors, minimize modules, view them fullscreen, and so much more.